Who says flooring has to be boring? There are unlimited options for carpeting colors, textures and patterns. And if you want to get really funky, you could have a different design in each room of your house! The possibilities are truly endless. Here are some of our favorites.

The Turkish Kaleidoscope

These Turkish patterns are both bold and intricate. The bright colors and detailed design will fascinate you and your guests. Furthermore, they are a testament to both art and history, giving your space a worldly, cultured atmosphere.


This funky, geometric carpet will brighten up any room in your home. This pattern juxtaposes square and round shapes, as well as bright colors and earth tones. If you are looking for a modern art look, this is the carpet for you!


Okay, so there’s nothing crazy about this carpeting, but it’s still one of our faves! There’s something comforting about plush carpeting like this, where your foot just sinks into it. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a solid color that matches well with everything. Plus, carpets like these come in every color imaginable, so you can choose something that suits your unique personality!

Whether you decide on a crazy pattern or something more neutral, we hope that this post will help you to think outside of the box and choose flooring perfect for you!

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